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Simple .

In Pools by Nature, we believe in simplicity and think Organic.  We look to nature for ways to create the ultimate swimming experience; to swim in natural fresh water pool with no chemicals of any kind; just pure water to dive into and live again.  Stop swimming in a chemical soup. Chlorinated pools or in their new name Salt-water or Mineral water pools are known for having health hazards with high operating and maintenance costs.

We use our technology to protect the environment and build freshwater natural swimming pools (NSP) with a carefree biological filter that work perfectly even in warmer climates. Our bio-filtration system does not require plants to regenerate the water quality; one can add aquatic plants for enjoyment but they are not essential for keeping your water clean.

We build simple and smart environmentally friendly pools. Whether constructing a new pool or refitting an existing pool; the system is cost-effective to install and maintain. It effectively keeps water clean and safe year-round, providing you with plenty of free time to relax and swim in crystal-clear waters.

We build organic pools by the way of nature.

Plus +

100% chemicals free

Our organic filtration systems produce clean and healthy freshwater to swim-in at all times, with no added chemicals at all. You can even have some types of fish in your pool. The new so-called salt-water pool system releases to the water the same toxic Chlorine. A substance, which is actually considered poison, where long-term exposure to it could cause symptoms of asthma in swimmers with eye and skin irritation for many. Kids and allergies sensitive people are most vulnerable for this hazard. We have nothing of this, our pools are 100% chemical free.

Flexible design

Our design can accommodate any pool size. We can build new or retrofit an existing pool with different site conditions. We can fit any style, shape or wildlife setting you desire. We personalize your natural pool and can incorporate aquatic plants and landscape in any scope or way you wish.

No wetland required

Waters in our organic pools are clear. Water color ton in our pools are transparent and can look clear blue or others, it all depends on the pool surfaces themselves. Although the bio pool shown here - has some edge plant area, our Eco design actually does not require any wetland or regenerating green plant zones. No need for major landscape works; we can build bio pools in smaller urban lots. Our system is extremely efficient and can fit in most existing service areas. We can build rooftop or even indoor pools.

Cover, comfort & tranquility

Our pools can be covered or heated to a comfortable swimming water temperature [up to 86F]. Beside regular compensation for evaporation, no water change is required. We provide not only healthy swimming water quality, but also an environment that enriches life: A unique swimming experience in natural waters, where you can enter a calming place for self-reflection.

Simple maintenance

Compare to the up keeping of any chlorine, salt pools or even other Natural Bio pools in the market today, Pool by Nature organic system option has a much low maintenance costs. Our Bio system is fully automatic and clears waste directly to sewage. Pool maintenance is low and simple. In our system, water flows from the pool, usually by gravity, through an automatic 70 micron screen filter then through a Biofermenta Chamber. The water is returned to the pool through small, quiet, low-wattage water pumps. We use a robotic pool cleaner for the sunken debris so that only regular service to our mechanical systems is required.

Low costs

Pool by Nautre system is unique, among other for the fact, that it can accommodated in the regular pool service area and does not require regeneration zone area, which is essential with existing natural or Bio pool builders in the market today. Our systems build costs and running costs are significantly lower, than any other chlorinated or biological swimming pool in the market today. As our pools mature, the water quality will improve and your costs will reduce with time

Water : :

Water needs to be cleaned. In chlorine swimming pools, a detergent is used to disinfect water; it destroys all life in the pool but when the pool is contaminated, it will take a long time for the chemicals to actually clean the water. Filtration system in our natural pool provides a better solution; instead of fighting, we work with nature. Billions of good organic bacteria can absorb the infection faster and in a safe way. 

Let’s look at how nature works; on water ecology. Water can be contaminated when organic matter is added to it, such as dust, leaves, vegetation, pollen, rainfall, bird droppings or swimmers’ sweat. The total weight of organic substances in a water basin is called its Biomass.

When these organic materials decompose in water, the biological oxidation process begins in which nitrogen is released and reacts to form other compounds, ammonia being the first. Combinations of bacteria, convert the ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. While ammonia and nitrite are very toxic, even in small concentrations, the nitrate has a very low toxicity and is easily consumed by algae and bacteria growing in water. This is the biological nitrification conversion process which is also known as the Nitrogen cycle.

To achieve a balanced ecosystem, the dissolved oxygen level should exceed the Biomass level in the water. For this process to occur successfully, oxygen absorption into the water is essential. In warmer climates, where the environmental load is heavy with less oxygen concentration, stable equilibrium requires for the biomass to be removed fast so as to decrease oxygen consumption and at the same time, have enough oxygen to successfully complete the nitrogen cycle.

System *

We think simple. Our Pool by Nature system uses an efficient filtration method in a smart closed cycle. We clear the water from the excess biomass with mechanical filtration systems, while adding oxygen to the water in an effective way.

In our system, water flows from the pool, usually by gravity, through a series of filter systems. We do not require skimmers; after the initial stage, an automatic screen filter cleans the remaining debris particles, down to a particle size of 70 microns. At that time, water move through a Biofermenta filter system, where it is biologically purified and oxygen is added to the water. Pure water is then returned to the pool through small-sized, quiet, low-wattage water pumps, dispersed from bottom outlets that drive the water up to the surface, and provide more of the needed water oxidation.


Our system produces safe quality swimming water – in line with the strict German standard water FLL Guidelines, which are adhered to by Natural Swimming Pool [NSP] builders throughout Europe. As of now, residential private pools in the US have no regulations requiring specific disinfection, beside the restrictions on registered pesticides and other local regulations.

Service < >

Pools by Nature consult and supply filtration equipment to build ponds and bio pools anywhere in the world.  We design new or refit existing pools to make 100% chemical free bio pools with or without the need for regeneration plant area.  Pools by Nature swim bio-filtration system solution is a unique, complete operation method, which include among others; pool and fitting configuration, water flow management, filtration and bio equipment layout. The system is adaptable and can accommodate various existing conditions with many advantages. Our system is reliable and achieves excellent performances in water clearly and health.


Each pond or swim pool project has its location and condition challenges. Depend on the project requirements and site conditions the specific layout, assigned equipment and project cost can be determine.  We work with you, your planer or local pool contractor to define requirements and can then offer options on the pool layout and bio filtration system configurations.  When hired, we consult and provide concept and schematic design. We then supply required mechanical filtration equipment, provide system insulation and maintenance instruction; to assemble by you or our subcontractors and offer a general onsite oversee as needed.  Building a bio pool is like growing a healthy tree. Once build, we will accompany the growth of your pool to insure it develop into a healthy and well-balanced bio-ecosystem.


We produce not only healthy swimming water quality, but also an environment that enriches life; a unique swimming experience in natural waters, equilibrium with the surroundings, a place for self-awareness.

Start swimming in pure, clean and fresh water. Send us a note and let us talk about how we can help build your Pool by Nature.

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